How to Book an eco-excursion?


(Unless specified)

Our excursions are designed for ‘Join in’ which means that participants share the fixed costs (like transport and guide).
Therefore, the more people in one tour the lower the price


IF Tour is already ‘Open’:

Some of the tours are already “open”, they appear in the calendar. In that case, you can join that tour and beneficiate directly of a lower price. For this, just click on the desired date in the given list on the tour intro or page and fill up the form. An agent from Green Discovery Laos will contact you by email.


If Tour 'Not Open’ yet (Not in the calendar)


You wish to go for an excursion in any other date? You wish to do an excursion that is not in the calendar? To do so, click on “enquiry for this tour” and an agent from Green Discovery Laos will contact you by email.

Once booked, the tour will immediately appear in the calendar and be advertized throughout Laos in our outlets for more people to join, thus decreasing your price. Note that it generally takes a few days for people to join.

In case that you are alone and no one has joined the tour you have booked, you can either decide to run the tour at the price for one person or just cancel it 24h before the departure and get the total refund without any extra charges (except the credit card charges if any).

Wish to 'privatise' the tour for your group only? Just ask the agent and the tour shall be considered as full and will not appear in the calendar.


If you are already in Laos, just pass by to any of our Branch offices!


Please follow the link to find all our office contact details & loaction map.