Tree Top Explorer (3 days/2 nights)

tree-topThe venue can only be reached by foot. No cars, no noise, no fumes! Main attraction is a system of zip-lines traversing steep gorges in touching distance to the waterfalls. A 'via ferrata' teases out the adventurous spirits of the visitor in a challenge to the limits of some. Take the chance having great fun in a simply stunning environment!


The Tree Top Explorer, a new jungle adventure in the mountains of Champassak province is blending fun with real nature experience. Officially opened early 2011, it quickly has become a must-go destination, with an enthusiastic feed back from visitors exceeding even most optimistic expectations. The project delivers its promises of being something hilariously exciting – and strictly adhering to international safety standards, without any compromise!

Supported by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN, Netherlands) for its environment friendly approach and the involvement of local communities, the project also aims to give a boost to Laos' tourism diversification. The cooperation with the local communities and the protection of wildlife remains a foremost concern.

The venue can only be reached by foot on a trek through coffee plantations and lush forest. No cars, no noise, no fumes! Main attraction is a system of zip-lines traversing steep gorges in touching distance to the waterfalls. A 'via ferrata' teases out the adventurous spirits of the visitor in a challenge to the limits of some. All is safe, however, with no part not being manageable by almost everyone, even the most fearful. The canopy walkway gives the visitor the chance to see the forest from a completely different and usually elusive angle.

Take the chance having great fun in a simply stunning environment. Be invited to see and experience the difference!

Day 1:

GDL-Champassak-TTE-3We arrive at Ban Nongluang after a 1 hour drive from Pakse, stroll for a while through the village and chat with the people. The village guides who will accompany us for the next three days give important first safety instructions. We then hike through coffee plantations and vegetable gardens until wild semi-evergreen forest gradually takes over. The trail winds down for a while, sometimes quite steeply, passing ravines, beautiful waterfalls and flower-studded plateaus. Along the way, the guides explain the plants traditionally used in the village kitchen or as herbal medicine.

A breath-taking canopy walkway high in the trees and crossing a steep river valley is a first challenge. We pass the huge 'Tiger' waterfall and reach the giant 'Kamet' fall (name of a monkey), where the water plunges more than 100 m down into a relatively narrow, densely forested valley basin with waterfalls apparently everywhere. Here is where the zip-lines start and the real thrill takes its course. Brace yourself for an adventure of a lifetime!

GDL-Champassak-TTE-2We take our lunch in the wilderness, explore the forest secrets of the area and may take a cooling swim before mastering the unbelievable zip-lines. The cables crisscross the valley in front of the majestic water wall, stunningly high and us perfectly cooled by the spray of the water. Enjoy the sensation of being weightless and truly one with nature. Let your adrenaline rush come to a maximum. It's joy, sheer joy!

After a day of great activity, we finally settle for the night in the wonderful camp with restaurant nearby. For dinner, local food and absolutely delicious barbecues are on the menu. Chatting and recollecting the gorgeous experiences of the day, or just relaxing and dreaming under the stars about the incredible wonders of life, we finally retire into our own tree house almost 10 m above ground. These houses designed in traditional style, made of wood, bamboo, and grass, can only be reached by -- a zip-line. Bathrooms near the restaurant offer hot and cold water. An instant cozy sleep shrouded by the fiddling sound of the forest crickets is guaranteed.

Day 2:

GDL-Champassak-TTE-6We wake up amidst the warbling, piping, chirping, twittering of the innumerable birds in the dense canopy around us. A simple European-style breakfast prepares us for an easy 30-minute trek through great forest before reaching the first cable. Be ready for extended flights through the jungle with the longest zip-line of 400 m as a real highlight. Its speed, its felt infinity, the proximity to the usually invisible upper stratum of the forest is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

A picnic lunch is served in the best of nature. We return to the camp in the later afternoon by passing the 'Red Rock' stream, where we will have time for some rest and swimming before falling asleep in our tree house for another night.


Day 3:

GDL-Champassak-TTE-20It's a day of more challenges, but also a day of saying 'goodbye'! After breakfast, we slowly trek uphill, passing a section of forest where gigantic trees dominate, obviously not yet spotted by illegal loggers…

Then it gets a bit tough and jaw-dropping when the trail suddenly "ends" at a steep rock wall, only passable on a 'via ferrata', where iron U-bolts are glued into the rock. There's no way of getting around but to overcome this obstacle in order to get to the other side. Don't worry, it's all safe and you are secured by state-of-the-art safety gear. It's not really long either, just thrilling.

GDL-Champassak-TTE-8Upon reaching the top of the mountain, one of the highest peaks in the area, an open plateau rewards everyone for all the 'hardship' – and for a last time – with stunning views of three waterfalls and vistas over the Mekong deep into neighboring Thailand. We'll take our lunch here before an easy 1½ hour hike back to Ban Nongluang, where a car is waiting to bring us to Pakse.

The Tree Top Explorer is open to anybody from 8 to 88 years of age. Kids, just 7 or 9 years old did it – and truly enjoyed the experience. Many grandmas and –pas did it as well – without being athletes and getting overly exhausted by fear or physical strain!

However, the Tree Top Explorer is a typical outdoor activity and not necessarily comparable with a Sunday afternoon stroll in a city park. All participants are advised to question themselves beforehand whether their personal fitness is up to these exercises. Some parts of the tour can be challenging for the one or the other.

Each visitor is required to have contracted an own valid insurance suitable for this kind of adventure. Participation is solely on ones own risk. The Tree Top Explorer is applying highest international safety standards and using equipment accordingly, the project is not responsible for lack of proper insurance and accidents occurring due reckless behavior or not following the instructions of the project personnel (guides).

Depart From :
Green discovery office in Pakse, or hotel
Returns to :
Green discovery office in Pakse, or hotel
Province visited :
Starts at :
finishes at :
Nb of days :
3 Days
Reference :
3 - moderate to difficult
Meals :
Barbecue set, Western food, Lao Food
Transport :
Private Minivan
Activities :
Trekking, Zip-lining, Via Ferrata, Swimming
Accommodation :
Tree House
What to bring :
Hat, Sun-cream, Clothes/shoes to get wet, Sarong for bathing, Mosquito repellent, Change of clothes for the evening, Torch, Swim clothes, Warm clothes, Towel, Robust footwear, Personal belongings, Pocket money, Sport Sandels
What is included :
Water, Meals, English speaking guide, Local guide/s, Accommodation, Transport as mentioned above, Government taxes, Travel permits

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Go for a ‘real’ trek! Dare-devil ‘abseiling’ in a 50 m waterfall, more than 120 m long zip-lining & cross the mind-blowing ‘via ferrata’!


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