Xe Bang Fai Secret Cave Explorer

GDL-Khammouane-nature-4The Xebangfai River, whose source is in the Annamite range between Laos and Vietnam" loses" itself for 9.5 km through a gaint tunnel beneath limestone karst mountains of Hin Nam No to find itself emerging again in a clear pool near Ban Nong Ping Village.
The cave chamber, measuring an average of 76 m width and 56 height, creat one of the largest active river cave passages in the world. Although there were two 20th centuary explorarions by the French ( 1905 & 1995), this cave remarkably remained virtually unknown except to locals until a National Geographic survey brought it to the world attention through an expedition in 2008. The cave is navigable by Kayaking with adventure to against darkness inside. The grandeur of the limestone chamber, the spectacular natual decorations, flowstones and cave cystals provide an eerie beauty rarely experienced.

                                                                (2 days long tail boat, kayaking, trekking. dry season)

Day 1: Thakhek > Pakpanang > Nongping

This morning, we depart from Green Discovery’s Thakhek office and takes 4 hours drive on an unpaved road through a landscape of limestone mountains. We stop for lunch at the boat landing at Pakphanung.

After lunch, we get on a local motor boat for the 2 hours trip passing forested karsts on the Xe Bang Fai River. We arrive in the village of Ban Nong ping at about 5pm and settle into the village lodge. We then take a walk to explore the village.

Approximately: 4  hours transfer, 2 hours long tail boat


Day 2: Ban Nongping > Xe Bang Fai Cave > Thakhek

After breakfast at 8 am, we paddle in our inflatable kayaks steadily upstream through 5 rapids to the XebangFaiCave. We paddle into the cave, where we will have time to explore the cave and see the stalactites and stalagmites. We then paddle on through the cave for 9.5 Km to the other side of the cave for a picnic lunch then return the same way to the village where the pick-up will be waiting to take us back to Thakhek.


Approximately: 7 hours kayaking and 4 hours transfer

Seasons: The trip is best in the dry season from October to May.

Depart From :
Green Discovery Laos, Thakhek office
Returns to :
Green Discovery Laos, Thakhek office
Province visited :
Starts at :
finishes at :
Nb of days :
2 Days
Reference :
3 - moderate to difficult
Meals :
Picnic, Lao Food
Transport :
Private Local truck or "Songtheow"
Activities :
Kayaking, Trekking, Slow Boat Trip
Accommodation :
Best In :
Dry season
What to bring :
Hat, Sun-cream, Clothes/shoes to get wet, Sarong for bathing, Mosquito repellent, Change of clothes for the evening, Torch
What is included :
Water, Meals, English speaking guide, Local guide/s, Accommodation, Bridges' and cave fees, Transport as mentioned above, Government taxes, All entrance fees, Travel permits

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The Xebang Fai Safari
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