Luang Namtha Kayaking

Luang Namtha Kayaking

Great Green Discovery Laos kayaking excursions. From a quiet paddle on a languid river, to a wild and extreme, rapid river rafting experience, with all skill levels catered for.

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Nam Ha Experience

  • 2 Days
  • 2 - easy to moderate

Nam Ha Kayak Rafting Laos Luang NamthaThe Nam Ha Experience can be one of rapids and white water in the rainy season but for most of the year the verdant forested banks, colorful water birds and the occasional troop of monkeys are the main attractions. You will be paddling exciting but manageable 2 to 3 grade rapids.

(2 days kayaking/rafting. Only Rainy season June-October)

Nam Ha Valley and Nam Tha River Combination 1

  • 3 Days
  • 3 - moderate to difficult

GDL-Activities-23This trip takes us through three Lanten and two Khmu villages before the trail leads us through the forest area which borders the Nam Ha Protected Area. On day two we cross over the Nam Ha River and cut through the dense forest which is abundant with wildlife. On the trip we will learn about traditional agricultural practices and the uses of the forest. 

(2 days trek, 1 day kayak)

Nam Tha Insight

  • 1 Day
  • 2 - easy to moderate

GDL-Activities-20This tour is perfect for those of you who want a pleasant day paddling down the river taking in the sights. Along the way we stop off to explore some fascinating ethnic villages and take in the beautiful views and wildlife which can be seen in this area.

Approximately: 1.5 transfer/ 5 hours kayaking

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Sun, 19th January , 2020
Luang Namtha Valley Tour
1 day

Mon, 20th January , 2020
Nam Ha Valley Trekking
2 days