Starting in VIentiane, ends in Vang Vieng

See some great Excursions that start from Vientiane and can end up in Vang Vieng (or the other way round). We have an excellent water sport alternative for those who are heading up to Vang Vieng and don't dream about the 4 hours transport by public bus or minivan.

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Vang Vieng Express

  • 2 Days
  • 1 - easy

Vang-Vieng-Challenge-March-80The tour takes us to the idyllic setting of Vang Vieng. Along the way, we stop at the archaeological site at Vang Xang. In Vang Vieng, we go caving and explore the limestone karsts with their unique ecology. On the return journey, we visit the Nam Ngum Reservoir and local villages with famous local products.

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Join a group in Vang Vieng!

Mon, 23rd September , 2019
2 days

Thu, 26th September , 2019
2 days

Fri, 27th September , 2019
Vang Vieng Challenge
2 days

Join a group in Vientiane!

Wed, 2nd October , 2019
Phou Khao Khuay National Park Experience
2 days

Sun, 20th October , 2019
Phou Khao Khouay Experience
2 days

Wed, 11th December , 2019
Mekong Cycling & Kayaking
1 day