3 day Team Building Program

GDL-Vientiane-20With an emphasis on nature appreciation and educational values, this 3 day Team Building program in The Phou Khao Khouay National Park was design for all staff and for any company in Laos. Cooking, Nature Trekking, constructing shelters, bonfire, games, everything is into this program to enhance the working spirit of the staff from the tea boy to the excecutive managers...

  • On first day: Travel, cooking, Nature Trail, construct shelters, bonfire, games

  • On second day: Trekking, river crossing, (if possible abseiling), information about forest diversity, plant collection & identification, games

  • On last day: Demolition of shelters, general clean-up, group running contest, fare-well banquet, hand-over of awards by Company management

Day 1: Vientiane – Tad Leuk

Our journey starts at the Company office at 8:30 am, and drive with our bus directly to the Tad Leuk recreation area inside the Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area where we arrive at approximately 11 am.

GDL-Vientiane-2The group may swarm out to have some rest and get acquainted with the site. Together we stroll through the Swedish/IUCN built visitor center to get some preliminary information about protected areas in Laos and the PKK park in particular, before preparing lunch in a concerted effort. If the entire group hasn’t been divided in six sub-groups yet, we can do it right before the preparation of the meals. Each group gets specific ‘forest kitchen” assignments and everyone is called to put hands-on. A clean-up after eating can be done together. Cooking alternatives: groups get assignments to do something in order to secure a comprehensive common meal or each group prepares something special (appetizer, different main courses, desserts; “who can make the best pancakes?”). However, we all eat together. The best food contribution will be prized.

After lunch all groups trek for ca. one hour along the Houay Bone Nature Trail to get some first glimpses of the forest. Upon return to the camp site, each group has to build its own shelter with (prepared) forest materials for the night. The camping place provides enough space. Construction materials (bamboo, ropes, leaves for roofing, machetes) as well as a sketch (not necessarily to be followed) will be provided. The most beautiful hut will be prized (some criteria: usability, stability, over-all beauty, decoration, time of construction).

Well before sunset and darkness sets in, a campfire needs to be set-up, either in front of the huts (beware of fire!), or if the water level allows in the bed of the Nam Leuk river (flat sandstone). Collect some suitable wood in the surrounding area. We eat (dinner) around the fire. Each group has to prepare its own song which it will present, together with a dance, in a singing contest around the fire. Musical instruments can either been brought along (e.g. guitars) or self-made from forest products. The best show will be prized. Team building/fun games lead by the guides add to the happiness of being together far away from the daily routine. We fall a sleep not too late as the next day starts early and demands some physical and mental freshness


Day 2: Tad Leuk – Tad Xang – Tad Leuk

With dawn we prepare and take our breakfast together in our camp. We then get finally into the forest (leaving not later than 9:00 am) hiking, again with (our) small groups, along small trails usually used by fishermen, hunters and gatherers. Most of the way is in close proximity to the Nam Leuk river, often in dense forest. Small streams to be crossed and little sandstone plateaus with obvious ever-changing vegetation showcase the beauty and diversity of the forest. Let’s have a closer look into the variety of vegetation and try to spot, with the help of our guides, edible plants we may use for our meals or small accidental wounds.

By reaching Tad Xang, around 4 km upstream of Tad Xang, everyone is for sure keen to have a refreshing bath in the cooling waters of the waterfall. We then gather on the sandstone plateau or the river bank and listen to the local guides about their tales of surviving in the forest when they are out for hunting for several days. Learn some skills for example how to make a fire without a lighter or matches, to build traps for small wildlife or to prepare safe drinkable water from the river with simple natural means.

Still at Tad Xang, each team imagines to approach a large mammal (if not for hunting… but for picture taking) and needs to hide from the sharp eyes of the animal. Camouflage two of your team and the other groups have to find them in the nearby “wilderness”. The best camouflage and the team to detect the hidden “animal” in the shortest possible time will get a prize. Each team collects leaves (only few of one plant) and fallen fruits or flowers, writes down to remember the looks (color, texture etc.) of the bark, the size of the tree (length, circumference), the form of the crown or the like and other obvious features. We then try, with the help of the local guides, to identify the tree or other kind of plant in question. The bold can challenge their bravery and physical strength by abseiling from the around 8 m high waterfall.

After a lengthy time of activities we cross the Nam Leuk (if no safety concerns dictate otherwise) to return on the other side to Tad Leuk (where the river has to be crossed again). Though – or because the water is crystal clear, it is not so easy to see where to set one’s next step and the sometime deep whirlpools. It may be slippery as well. It’s a great exercise to help your peers! (Watch your camera).

Local villagers will welcome the tired group with a delicious meal at the camp. We will sit around a small fire and recollect the experiences of the day and fall to sleep quickly.


Day 3: Tad Leuk – Ban Hatkhai – Vientiane

After a our self-prepared breakfast we dismantle our camp and put everything in a neat way to be transported away or be used by the locals. We leave the place as we founded clean and ready to welcome the next visitors. Our bus has gone ahead to wait at the main road. A last “Olympic” challenge is awaiting us: Each of the small groups, tied with ropes, will march to the waiting bus – with the time used metered. The winning team members will get a nice prize to remember this wonderful trip of a lifetime. Before finally heading back to Vientiane, we will have a nice banquet lunch in Ban Hatkhai – with (maybe) the first cool beer or soft after three 3 days of forest.

All prize winners will line up in an ‘award show’.

All activities may need to be adjusted to the local conditions during the time of the tour. Safety first!

Important: Please beware of accidental fires! No alcohol and drugs... No cutting of live wood or flower picking. Watch your steps to avoid unnecessary damage to the vegetation. Don’t put your hands into dark holes of trees or in the ground.

Depart From :
Returns to :
Province visited :
Starts at :
finishes at :
2 - easy to moderate
Meals :
Barbecue set, Picnic, Lao Food
Transport :
Bus 45 seats
Activities :
Trekking, Cultural Experience
Accommodation :
What to bring :
Hat, Sun-cream, Clothes/shoes to get wet
What is included :
Water, Meals, Local guide/s, Accommodation, Bridges' and cave fees, Transport as mentioned above, Government taxes, All entrance fees, Travel permits, Gala diner