3 Days Nam Xeng/Nam Xuang Kayaking Experience

Luang Prabang Nam Ou Nong Khiaw Kayak

The kayaking tour will start in Viengkham at the Nam Xeng and continue on the Nam Xuang on day three. Get a chance to enjoy the stunning scenic view of nature while enjoying and unwinding by kayaking along the river.

Both the Nam Xuang and its smaller tributary, the Nam Xeng, converge before reaching the mighty Mekong River not far away from Luang Prabang; flowing nearly parallel to each other in the east of the larger Nam Ou River of Nong Khiaw. Both relatively shallow rivers are lined by beautiful and dense forests. The river has few rapids and is easy to navigate through the calm water. 

Day 1:   Nongkhiaw – Viengkham –Ban Hard Kheo

GDL Nong Khiaw trek village 4

We will depart from the Nongkhiaw office at 8:00 in the morning and drive to the town of Viengkham which is approximately 1 hour to the east. This will be the starting point for our three day kayaking experience. Before launching the boats, the guide will give a short briefing on the tour and most importantly safety instructions. When all the administrative and technical aspects are dealt with, it marks the start of our kayaking journey! We will paddle through a deep valley and enjoy the amazing wilderness. Along the way, we will see some small, garden-like farmlands which are clear signs of villages nearby. Here we can get a glimpse of what a “remote life” really means.

We will then have our Lao-style picnic lunch somewhere along the river bank. In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity for a break and visit a small Khmu village, Ban Tha Vanh Thai Deng and Kmou tribe who lives together. The villagers are very friendly and happy to have a chat together. However, it is important to respect and be understanding of the customs of the people who have seldom encountered foreigners and are not used to the ‘perceived’ strange appearances and attitudes of such.

For our overnight stay, we will go further down the Nam Xeng before getting off the boat at Ban Had Keo. The people here belong to two ethnic groups; the Tai Deng (Red Tai) and also Khmu. We will have dinner here and are either hosted overnight by a family (home-stay; wet seasons) or camp in tents (dry seasons).

Approximately: 1 hour transfer, 5 hours kayaking

Accommodation: Homestay or camping, respectively

Day 2:   Ban Hard Kheo – Ban Long Ded Aock


We will enjoy our “village breakfast” in the morning which consists of sticky rice and scrambled eggs before continuing our kayaking tour through the beautiful landscape deep in the valley. We stop occasionally for a "hello" with small groups of people who work along the river for their livelihood. There may even be a chance to join them to learn some of their centuries old fishing techniques!

As we reach downstream along the river, we will encounter some fun rapids before we head off for a relaxing lunch break identical to the first day. In the afternoon, the kayaking will become more exciting as the rapids are faster and more thrilling. We will then reach Ban Huey Yen, a Kmou hill tribe where we will meet many children who likes to swim here every day after school; join them for a swim of fun and laughter! Finally we will reach Ban Long Ded Aock where we will have our dinner and spend the night.

Approximately: 6 hours kayaking

Accommodation: Homestay or camping, respectively

Day 3:     Ban Long Ded Aock – Ban Hard Houy – Luang Prabang  


We will wake up early in the morning and have a simple breakfast before visiting a primary school nearby and join the children having classes (unless it is a weekend or holiday). It is a time to reminisce about your childhood and it will definitely be fun! Join the local school kids for a singing contest and bring joy to everyone!

Afterwards, we will continue paddling past the confluence of Nam Xeng and Nam Xuang. The latter is bigger and deeper with more challenging rapids to master. Our last picnic lunch will be at a sandy “beach” as an appropriate but simple farewell. There is still some kayaking with few more rapids to come until Ban Napho where it marks the end of our trip. A car will pick us up to Luang Prabang and after a 1 hour ride, we will arrive in Luang Prabang at approximately 4:30 – 5:00 pm.

Approximately: 5 hours kayaking, 1 hour transfer

Depart From :
Green Discovery, Nong Khiaw office
Returns to :
Green Discovery, Luang Prabang office
Province visited :
Luang Prabang
Nong Khiaw
Starts at :
finishes at :
Nb of days :
3 Days
Reference :
2 - easy to moderate
Meals :
Picnic, Lao Food
Transport :
Private Local truck or "Songtheow"
Activities :
Kayaking, Cultural Experience
Accommodation :
What to bring :
Hat, Sun-cream, Clothes/shoes to get wet, Sarong for bathing, Mosquito repellent, Change of clothes for the evening, Torch, Swim clothes, Warm clothes, Towel, Personal belongings, Pocket money, Sport Sandels
What is included :
Water, Meals, English speaking guide, Accommodation, Transport as mentioned above, Government taxes, All entrance fees

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