Thematic Excursions and Holidays

From our mainstream program of adventure and ‘eco’ tours, Green Discovery has developed a group of purpose-built tours designed for the distinguished traveler, addressing professionals as well as those who share a desire to get in-depth information and experience in the Lao context. These highly interesting and thoughtfully prepared excursions are arranged in close collaboration with evidentially competent and renowned experts who also will serve as exclusive tour leaders.

The tours listed below can be adjusted to your taste and requirements.

  • Caving and discovering karst sites

    caveThe unique and often stunning scenery of limestone mountains is characteristic for much of central and northern Laos. A distinctive geological feature of such a landscape is the multitude of complex cave systems and grottos formed over millions of years as consequence of underground drainage and dissolution of soluble rocks. These caves have their own flora and fauna too, adapted to the lack of light and a climate of constant coolness and damp air. A heaven for amateur and professional speleologists!

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  • Naturalism, Wildlife, Flora...


    If amazing and rare wildlife is your passion, follow our experienced guiding adventurers through the remote forests, karst caves, rivers, and wetlands of Laos. Green Discovery team has become expert in the best places to find wildlife. We are often contracted by professional scientists and nature photographers, and would love to offer you the same experience that we offer to them!

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  • Cycling Tours around Laos

    cycleLaos offers nearly everything a cyclist could want, from rolling hills to elevated plateaus. Visit one of the least explored countries in the world, and explore it by bicycle, giving you the time and the pacing to get a closer look at the people and the natural beauty that makes Laos a special destination.

    The cycling team of Green Discovery is often chosen by reknown international travel agencies to operate their cycling tours in Laos.

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  • Along the Mekong and its Tributaries

    mekong"For me, rivers are magnetic. I can sit and watch the water move past for hours. They are places of contemplation – contemplation about the river itself to be sure, but also a place to reflect on the passage of time, of life, of experience..."
    –The River’s Tale – A Year on the Mekong – Edward A. Gargan.

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  • Photography Dedicated tours

    touristWhether you are a seasoned professional photographer, or a budding enthusiast, Laos offers a wealth of unique photo opportunities ranging from the serenity of temple complexes and saffron-clad monks all the way to wildlife deep in the remote jungle. Although many great photographic opportunities do exist in urban Laos, the very special photos that can only be taken here are waiting for you far away from the beaten path.

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  • Tour Leaders

    Let us introduce our national and international team of dynamic ‘special experience’ tour leaders:

    Each member is a proven specialist in his/her respective field of expertise. All have lived and worked in Laos for a long time and show a special affection for the country, a prerequisite for collaborating with Green Discovery Laos. The programs they are running have been meticulously prepared with our operations team. Profound knowledge transfer is well balanced with insights in Lao culture and leisurely get-togethers. Our experts not only are renowned professionals but also great communicators who have a lot to tell about their travels around the globe.

    Truly an experience in itself!

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