Caving and discovering karst sites

caveThe unique and often stunning scenery of limestone mountains is characteristic for much of central and northern Laos. A distinctive geological feature of such a landscape is the multitude of complex cave systems and grottos formed over millions of years as consequence of underground drainage and dissolution of soluble rocks. These caves have their own flora and fauna too, adapted to the lack of light and a climate of constant coolness and damp air. A heaven for amateur and professional speleologists!

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Caving and Trekking Challenge

  • Khammouane
  • 2 - easy to moderate

GDL-Khammouane-cave-16This one day adventure and fun leads us to explore a recently discovered cave like an explorer, discovering the unknown in this hidden adventure site. We will also get to visit the famous Buddha cave and the carstic scenary along the way.

Approximately: 1.5 hours transfer, 3 hours caving, 2 hour trekking, 1 hour sightseeing. Only Dry season

Boualapha Limestone Forest Experience & Xe Bang Fai Cave

  • Khammouane
  • 2 - easy to moderate

GDL-Khammouane-nature-4This trip takes us through the Hin Namno National Protected Area. Spend a day exploring a cave and another day hiking to a deafening waterfall. You will get to see the forest, the wildlife and the people who live in the forest!

(3 days long tail boat, kayaking, trekking. dry season)

The Giant Caves and Karst of Khammouane Tour

  • 9 Days
  • Vientiane
  • Khammouane
  • 2 - easy to moderate

caveTravel through a spectacular landscape of limestone karst mountains and explore amazing caves. You will kayak through the spectacular Xe Bang Fai cave, that is considered to be the largest river cave passage in the world and also visit small local villages to learn about their traditional lifestyle.

Kong Lor Cave Adventure (1)

  • Khammouane
  • 2 - easy to moderate

GDL-Khammouane-kong-lor-6The 7.5 kilometers long Konglor Cave is one of the longest caves in the country! E3xplore the cave via kayak and enjoy trekking and cycling amongst the spectacular scenery.

Start & End Thakhek (private Songtaew)

(3 days caving, cycling, trekking & kayaking)

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