Tour Leaders

Let us introduce our national and international team of dynamic ‘special experience’ tour leaders:

Each member is a proven specialist in his/her respective field of expertise. All have lived and worked in Laos for a long time and show a special affection for the country, a prerequisite for collaborating with Green Discovery Laos. The programs they are running have been meticulously prepared with our operations team. Profound knowledge transfer is well balanced with insights in Lao culture and leisurely get-togethers. Our experts not only are renowned professionals but also great communicators who have a lot to tell about their travels around the globe.

Truly an experience in itself!

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Sebastien Duffilot
  • Sebastien Duffilot

  • Nick Name :
  • Specialities :
    Asian Elephants, Fixing for Media
  • Sebastien Duffilot has twelve year experience in Laos and South-East Asia working for the conservation of Asian elephants, communication and tourism.

Terry Bolger
  • Terry Bolger

  • Nick Name :
  • Specialities :
    cave and Karst sites
  • Terry has had a passion for caves and karst since he went on his first cave exploration trip a few decades ago. For the past 16 years he has been actively exploring and mapping caves and karst areas in Laos and Thailand, including many of the largest, longest and deepest caves in the region. He is an experienced cave expedition and cave tour leader.

Peter Jaeger (Dr)
  • Peter Jaeger (Dr)

  • Nick Name :
  • Specialities :
  • Peter’s passion about spiders started when he was a five-years-old boy. First, he kept native spider, later reared tarantulas. 2003 he came with a film crew to Laos and searched successfully for the largest spider in the world, Heteropoda maxima. Since then he has been in Laos with various scientists every year surveying the spider fauna in the forest and caves.