Terry Bolger

Terry Bolger
  • Title
    Terry Bolger
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  • Specialities
    cave and Karst sites
  • Speaks
    Good English | Average Lao
  • Terry has had a passion for caves and karst since he went on his first cave exploration trip a few decades ago. For the past 16 years he has been actively exploring and mapping caves and karst areas in Laos and Thailand, including many of the largest, longest and deepest caves in the region. He is an experienced cave expedition and cave tour leader.

Also working as a consultant on rural development and natural resource management issues in Khammouane and other provinces of Laos, Terry has consulted for the government officials, non-government organizations, and local villagers to manage cave and karst resources for conservation and for ecotourism development. He has written technical reports and popular articles for magazines about the caves and karst of Laos and Thailand. He has also given numerous presentations on this subject to a range of audiences, from community and school groups to government officials and international conferences.

These experiences have provided him with a broad knowledge about the caves, the karst landscapes and their ecosystems, and the lifestyles and cultures of the people who live in these landscapes, which he enjoys sharing in his role as tour leader.