Peter Jaeger (Dr)

Peter Jaeger (Dr)
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    Peter Jaeger (Dr)
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  • Peter’s passion about spiders started when he was a five-years-old boy. First, he kept native spider, later reared tarantulas. 2003 he came with a film crew to Laos and searched successfully for the largest spider in the world, Heteropoda maxima. Since then he has been in Laos with various scientists every year surveying the spider fauna in the forest and caves.

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Working in the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, the fourth largest natural history collection worldwide, as scientific collection curator, Peter described more than 250 spider species as new to science and published more than 120 scientific papers. He specialised on the huntsman spiders worldwide as well as on spiders in general in Europe and SE Asia. In 2012 he organised a congress and founded the Asian Society of Arachnology in Laos. In the same year he filmed for the show “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan” for BBC America and Channel 5. Beside the Giant Laotian Huntsman, he described a spider from Malaysia honouring David Bowie, recorded the worldwide largest harvestmen from Laos and introduced his results on international scientific conferences as well as in public presentations.


Peter’s aim to protect as much wildlife on our planet for future generations coincides with the idea of Green Discovery of a gentle ecotourism. Therefore, a special spider tour was designed to let people from around the world let participate in Laos’ fascinating nature and Peter’s enthusiasm for the eight-legged cretaures. learn more about the tour in January 2014: 

Meet the giants! a travel to the unknown spider caves in Laos